I found this poem i wrote about 6 years ago, and i feel it is relevant to life now, and to what people go through.

It is about the opinions of others versus your own. It is about trusting your heart and what it is saying to you.

I ask you what you feel
why don't you ask me what i feel?
Do I feel what i feel
because you say its real?

Why must i ask your opinion
am i not my own person?
why must i act like your minion
I need to learn my own lessons

I am a person, not just a thing
I must not feel exactly what you feel
I must reject your opinion even if you force it on me
I must discover my own deal

Why must I walk in your footsteps
why can i not have my own path
I must go on the road less travelled
I must go on my own quest
Otherwise this life of mine will become a farce.


I've thought more about the minimalist lifestyle in recent months, and how having a house full of "stuff" can really cloud your mind.

When we get rid of the things clouding our space, we can explore art a little better, I think. We can look to art to colour and give life to our spaces instead of knick knacks and other things.

For me, this is a great way to live and to be.

I stumbled upon an art space recently and these are some of the pieces i would include in my clutter free minimalist space...

What sort of art do you love/enjoy? What would you bring into your life/home?

Outfit Post. Autumn Style

Ripped jeans, burgundy jumper, and a touch of classiness... what better way to welcome the beginning of Autumn?

This year, instead of letting my autumn style just happen, I've decided to be more intentional about my style choices. Key words being: Warm, Cosy, Wellies, Grey, Chic, Architectural, Polished, pop of colour, Oversized, Comfortable (taboo word in fashion), Light & Agile, Furry, Clean, Feminine.

What are your style goals for this Autumn?

African Lion

Did you know that in some African tribes, the sun shining when heavy rain pours signifies the birth of a Lion?

I think of this anytime i witness this beautiful contradiction - true or not.

I saw this beautiful sensory pleasure, and had to capture it for you... a combination of the raindrops, the sun, the clouds and the sunset.

Do you know of any tales/ signifiers in nature?

Forget Paris

Recently, I planned a trip to Paris.

I was very excited, and this was finally my chance...

To be free, to explore, to get out of my comfort zone, to see the world - which is a major dream of mine.

But circumstances occurred meaning I had to cancel my trip the day before. You can imagine my disappointment!

But I say... Forget Paris! You can have a piece of Paris in your own city. You can explore, you can meet yourself (not find yourself -- we'll get to that later), you can be perfectly content despite your circumstances. Besides, Paris is still there! And we shall meet one day.

I'll share my little piece of Paris -- in London with you:

It also reminds me of  the quote "Wherever you go... there you are". So make the most of who you are, where you are!

Carsten Holler: Decision

I quite like Art galleries. To me they are different from museums and much more enjoyable. In an art gallery, you are able to use your senses, rather than be bombarded by facts and figures. Its a more immersive experience and you get to feel something, and really connect. I like the type of art where you are not so sure of what you are seeing. Where the lines are clean, the surroundings are clear, the subject is simple, serene, surreal. 

Thats my type of art, but more on that later. For this post, I'm discussing the Carsten Holler: Decision exhibition I saw at the Hayward gallery on the South Bank.

The south bank is a really cool spot. With lots happening including this funky red oyster bar located in a bus!
And impossibly cool graffiti on the walls.

After taking a moment to admire the surroundings, I went on in to the exhibition.

I must say that entering the exhibit was truly one of the scariest experiences of my life. I read the information on the website, and it said - not suitable for people with claustrophobic tendencies.
Pah!! I scoffed. How bad could it possibly be? I will probably pass through a small space and be done with it.
Little did I know.
I passed through tunnels of claustrophobic darkness, not knowing when the end would come, praying I would make it. Trying to stave off a panic attack. 
The loud sound of my feet on the metal didn't help, as i guided myself along in the darkness. 
I heard sounds of other people fumbling through the pitch black, but i was unsure where they came from - were they behind me? Were they in front? Was someone waiting for me, standing still in the darkness? Would the floor give way, and would i fall into a never ending pit? But I made it -- and guess what? I think those claustrophobic tendencies are gone! If you can make it through that, you can make it through most things.
Mile long tunnel of doom.

Without giving much of it away, other attractions included the pill clock  - where the passing of time was represented by the dropping of little red pills every three seconds (with the option of swallowing this unknown pill!), an introduction to amazing Congolese Fara Fara music, Flying Machines, with the opportunity to be like a bird, and experience the sensation of free flying... and much more!

The exhibition ended, in a manner i'd become accostomed to in this exhibition, by leaving via a giant slide!

Experience the Now| PresentLens

Explore Your City

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good. It felt long, and packed full of activity. I don't know about you, but some weekends go by in a flash. Friday at 5pm is greeted with joy and within a blink of an eye, Sunday night is there. Where did the weekend go? What did I do with my time? I relaxed, but was it relaxing? I rested, but was it true rest, or just passing time?

This weekend went a little better. It was filled with people, new experiences, and new places. 
I travelled the world in my own city. I met many people in my friends. Time slowed down and I felt it.

It was a particularly hot Saturday in London. I felt the sweltering heat and welcomed it. The sun penetrating my skin, to warm my heart.

I leave you with my present moment of the day, walking back, and pausing to take in the moment of this musician's lovely voice, and feeling the warm, still summer air around me.

What was your present moment of the day?